School Partnership Agreement

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The Ohio Opportunity Scholars DBA Every Child Every Family was certified by the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office as a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) in 2022. As an SGO, Every Child Every Family administers the scholarship program according to the guidelines under Ohio Revised Code 5747.02, 5747.98 and 5747.73, which provides a nonrefundable credit against a taxpayer’s aggregate tax liability for a taxpayer that donates cash to scholarship granting organizations during the taxable year. The credit shall not exceed, for any taxable year, $750 for an individual or $1500 per couple filing jointly. The credit will not be allowed unless the taxpayer provides a copy of the receipt or other document issued by the scholarship granting organization acknowledging the taxpayer’s contribution to the organization and the amount of the contribution. The funds collected are restricted for scholarships for tuition and or academic fees for students in grades K-12 at nonpublic schools. All funds received by the school must be used for tuition or fees for low-income primary and secondary school students to attend the school.

Both Parties — Every Child Every Family and the school completing this application — understand that the requirements outlined in this document remain in effect unless and until one of the parties notifies the other in writing of their intention to dissolve the partnership. If either party chooses to dissolve the partnership, then both parties will enter good-faith discussions to resolve any outstanding issues in a manner that offers the fairest and most compliant resolution for everyone impacted by the decision.

Every Child Every Family reserves the right to amend the agreement at any time in response to legislative, market and/or policy changes. Every Child Every Family will notify the school in writing prior to the implementation of any amendment or changes.

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